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Your AAUP membership gives you exclusive access to the expertise of AAUP staff, members, and leaders. Our lineup of guidebooks, toolkits, and webinars put the resources to defend academic freedom, ensure economic security, and advance faculty governance for all faculty at your fingertips.

The discount insurance programs of the American Association of University Professors further enhance the value of your membership. Mass purchasing power permits us to make these programs available at prices below those an individual could obtain. Certain coverage may not be available in all states.


  • Webinars on topics such as strengthening faculty handbooks, good-faith bargaining, working with the media, and other topics of interest to advocacy and union AAUP chapters. You’ll find recordings and materials from past webinars, as well as information on new live webinars planned for the coming months.  http://www.aaup.org/webinars
  • Publications that keep you informed on the issues facing the profession and higher education. All members receive a subscription to Academe, the bimonthly magazine of the AAUP, which analyzes higher education issues from faculty members’ perspectives. Feature articles examine tenure, affirmative action, contingent faculty appointments, intellectual property, and other timely academic issues. Investigative reports on violations of academic freedom and tenure are regularly covered. The March–April issue of Academe contains the AAUP’s annual faculty compensation survey, the Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession. Members are also eligible for discounted subscriptions to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Call the Chronicle's AAUP line at 1-800-728-2803 for the special AAUP discount of 20 percent off print and digital subscriptions. Members are also entitled to a 30 percent discount on the AAUP's Policy Documents and Reports (widely known as the "Redbook" because of the color of its cover). The current edition, the eleventh, includes basic statements on academic freedom, tenure, and due process; academic governance; professional ethics; research and teaching; online and distance education; intellectual property; discrimination; collective bargaining; accreditation; and students' rights and freedoms.


Professional Liability Insurance
This comprehensive coverage designed exclusively for AAUP members is offered by Liberty Insurance. It provides protection in the event of costly litigation related to your professional duties as a faculty member, librarian, researcher, or member of an instructional staff employed in an institution of higher education.

Customized Major Medical
An affordable major medical plan is hard to find if you are not covered under a college or university policy. Customized major medical plans offer a variety of options to AAUP members, depending on eligibility. The Short Term Medical Plan provides up to $1 million in medical insurance for up to three consecutive twelve-month periods, billed monthly. Small employer options, ideal for groups of up to 50, are also available. The Preferred Provider Option provides choices from a list of local doctors and facilities.

Medicare Supplement Insurance
Medicare does not pay for all your hospital or medical expenses. It requires that you pay deductibles and co-payments and will not cover expenses that exceed Medicare allowable charges. The AAUP’s supplemental insurance can help protect your assets in the event of prolonged illness or a severe injury. There are many plans to choose from. The plans vary in the extent of coverage provided, but all ten cover co-payments for hospital and medical care. In addition, some of the plans cover Medicare’s Part A and Part B deductibles, Part B excess charges, skilled nursing care co-payments, and at-home and preventive care. Please note that all ten supplemental insurance plans may not be available in all states.

Group Term Life Insurance
The Term Life Insurance Plan offers low-cost protection in multiples of $10,000 up to $150,000, depending on your age. Dependent coverage is also available. No physical exam is necessary for application.

Accident Insurance
The Accident Insurance Plan provides inexpensive protection against financial loss from an accident if the accident results in death or loss of limbs, hearing, speech, or sight. Benefit levels between $50,000 and $500,000 are available. A unique educational rider is part of family coverage. All AAUP members under seventy are guaranteed coverage, as are their families.

Other discounts: Through an arrangement with the AAUP, Johns Hopkins University Press is offering a 30% discount on two books that treat subjects of special interest to AAUP members: Hans-Joerg Tiede’s University Reform: The Founding of the American Association of University Professors (September 2015) and Larry G. Gerber’s The Rise and Decline of Faculty Governance: Professionalization and the Modern American University (August 2014).