What we’ve accomplished:

1. Achieved more faculty representation on Planning Committee (UPC)

Two of the AAUP officers were also officers on the University Faculty Council -- Maire Mullins from Seaver was Chair and Barbara Ingram from GSEP was Secretary. We objected to the fact that the faculty representation on the UPC was limited to three schools at a time, so each year there were two schools without a representative. It took a year of persistence, but the following proposal was approved by the Provost:

The University Faculty Council recommends that the University Planning Committee (UPC) change their charter to allow the faculty at each school at Pepperdine University to select a representative to serve on the UPC, so that all five schools have the opportunity to have a faculty selected representative on the UPC each year.  


2. Hosted the 15th annual conference of the California chapters of AAUP (CA-AAUP) at the WLA campus.

Building and Strengthening Shared Governance: Challenges & Solutions
keynote speaker:  Theresa Montaño
Vice President, California Teachers Association
Professor of Chicana/Chicano Studies, CSU Northridge

3. Promoted principles of "shared governance" through our Faculty Associations.